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Here you can expect vocabulary, positive quotes, motivational stories, English Idioms & Phrases for regular conversation and some short articles.  

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Hi! I'm Radhika. 

This site launched on 1st Jan 2019. Let's come to the thought process and the meaning of "ritzyradhika.com".The main idea is getting into the core of communication by taking baby steps & "Ritzy" means "Elegant & luxurious". This is for English Learners, Communication Experts, Personality Developers, Students, Home-makers or in fact any individual who is into communication. I provide Vocabulary development through innovative words, enhancement of your personality, development of your language skills, teaching you values and basics of communication. Who doesn't want to stand out in the crowd? To achieve that you need to outshine in your personality and show your communication skills. So here I'm with the basics to advanced level of communication with simple learning. First start with vocabulary, small articles, stories and so on. I'm here to take you through a fun & interesting way of implementing things that you want to learn. I can assure you a definite improvement from day one of reading this blog. Nothing much but a single new word can give a better perspective & achievement of success towards your will to improve. I thank you for coming down till here to read my thoughts. You must be curious to know me in person. 

Here's a little about me as a person. I'm a meticulous learner. Learning through life's lessons I have become resurgent to do it again. Regardless to mention, "I love to read, write & share". I can connect with the other person through my feelings and thoughts. I like to confabulate with people. Regarding my professional background soon there'll be a Profile page. Stay Tuned for more stuff. Refer your friends, fellow-mates, colleagues & acquaintance. As they say "Sharing is Caring". I have done my bit. It's your time now. 

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