Mental Health Challenge 2021 @ritzyradhika.

A dedication towards mental health, for a healthier brain and beautiful body.

Just like our physical health, our mental health plays a vital role in our growth and development.

What is mental health?

Why there's all this gaga over it?


Defined by WHO

"A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and can contribute to his or her community".

In simple terms, it affects and reflects on how we think, act and feels from within.

Myth: Only adults; only children get affected mentally.

Mental health should be riveted on in every stage of life, from childhood to adolescence.

Your mental health defines your ability to handle stress, how you relate to others, do you make healthy choices, do you think positive.

Myth: People think it is weakness, that you're mad. You're mentally ill.

Yes, if you're not doing well with your mental health, you're going through mental illness. However, like other illnesses even, this can be cured. And the best part is you don't require any medicine. You can do practical things/ activities and be a better person mentally.

Have a happier mind!

Have a healthier brain!

Mental health illness may include an umbrella of health conditions from eating disorders to sleeping disorders, to mood swings and more. Whatever the case may be, if the results include stagnant movements, constant worry and no actions, long-lasting sadness and procrastination, no drama or too much drama in life for an unnecessary reason, complete social withdrawal then, it's time to get yourself healed.

Now, that you know about mental health and what it is here's a checklist for self–checkup mental health.

Check-list for mental health:

  1. When did I last take a shower?

  2. Have I had enough sleep?

  3. What is taking most of my headspace?

  4. Was I kind to people who I met for the past 24 hours?

  5. Have I connected with someone I love or care about the most?

  6. Have I been constantly comparing my life with others?

  7. How do I feel physically and mentally?

  8. When did I last have a whole meal?

  9. Can I openly talk about my feeling with someone I trust?

  10. Am I a couch potato and procrastinate things?

If most of your answers are damaging you or not done then it's time to get yourself checked, speak to a professional who can help.

Please don't sulk into your thoughts keeping yourself aloof will further have consequences.

Please don't motivate hatred or withdrawal from people.

Look around! There's someone who can help. Find the right person. Educate yourself more on this topic.

Myth: Mental health is rare.

"Don't feel shy".

It's normal. It happens to everyone some or another time your comeback is essential.

It's about the right approach. What do you do? What efforts do you take after you know mental health is affected by some or multiple reasons.

Your mental health can leave you exhausted all the time. It's hard to accept and even harder to break the chain of thoughts.

Now, I'm going to share the most widely asked question.

Should you go to a therapist? Not necessary.

Not everyone needs a therapist. You can self-heal by considering certain things.

What steps?

What should I do?

Should I google? But then, there's so much information overload to get stressed if I don't find the immediate answer.

Here's what I want to suggest:

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We're all in the same boat, while I'm taking a challenge this October on Mental Health. Let's dive in, take some effort, do the little things and see if there are outstanding changes.

If not, it is a ring for the therapist.

All I want to say at the end is,

It might be backbreaking today but easy tomorrow and hard again the next day.

I cannot expect myself to be the same every day.

What's important is, meeting my true self and meeting myself where I am.


I've many of mine.

When you're paragliding in the ocean of emotions,

When you're distress with daunting thoughts,

When you're sobbing, crying and weeping hard deep inside your heart

There's no one,

There's simply no one

To console you,

To console your thoughts,

To console your feelings,

To make you feel better.

You're for yourself, at least for me that's been an experience at times. Not that my loved ones don't help, they aren't around me. I think that's just my way of bursting out alone and finding my way to come out of the big mountain and dive deep into the sea to find my strength.

You know what I've learnt,

You're your strength,
You're your weakness.

Yes, I say this because you and your thoughts and your actions decide both whether to be a powerful person or a feeble person.

You choose to be fragile or agile,

You choose to be naive or become the expert,

You choose to be the underdog or go-getter.

Impose good qualities on self,

Imbibe knowledge from others that seek freedom of thoughts, freedom to choose right, freedom to unlearn and learn.

I choose to be a strong, powerful, talented, creative, effective, smart and thoughtful communicator.

I constantly communicate this to my body, mind and soul.

What goes in comes out, that's true in your mind and body space. When you choose to eat healthily and push out healthy, wisely act well with your brain as well. Moreover, look into the nitty-gritty of your feelings developed, the way you respond and the way you act. I'm sure, self-assessment shall play a key role.

We all have a tremendous amount of pain sacrifices, troubles, obstacles, low phases in life. We all are bogged down by constant or frequent issues. Why bother others, though a friend, though a family member, though a cousin, though a most reliable person(mother or father), remember the tile. Keep your issues with you, I've my own. Let me deal with mine and you deal yours. We all need to be super-women and super-men when life throws the toughest challenge to play on.

Are you ready to deal with your battle of turbulence in life?

I'm readily giving out my best for over 10 years and still continue to do so.

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My answer is: It Takes everything of a woman.

Yes! You heard me correct.

Being a woman is challenging.
Being a woman is pride.
Being a woman is emotional.
Being a woman is tough.

It's so tardily.

“Don’t want to boast things about woman however when you’re completely a woman is then you realise why there’s so much doddery around.

We normally talk about Acceptance is the first step towards success.

My dear fellow women, it’s time to accept ourselves, our problems, our anxieties, our overwhelming thoughts our responsibilities.

Making yourself comfortable in your shoes is so essential because no one else, not even the other woman can be in your shoes.

On the occasion of woman’s day let’s learn to motivate ourselves and stop comparing with others.

Below are ideas to encourge self-motivation:

These are foolproof and tested by me:

A little glimpse of who I’m and what I do


Job Roles that I Play:










From being professionally equipped to managing the house, taking care of parents and family, being in touch with friends and special people, supporting and encouraging my team.

I do it passionately. For all these years there’s one constant thing. Self-motivation.

Here’s a list of things I do ceaselessly to motivate myself.

Disclaimer: Some days are bad, dull and demotivating but what counts is how soon you start over again.

  • Talking and sharing with my loved ones and self about what I love to do and how can I do it better.

  • Keeping my desk and room clean is like decluttering my mind. It motivates my creative energy.

  • Reading positive + strong quotes on the internet. Reading them over and our again. This helps me find my inner self.

  • Giving my best and reaching out to my learners/clients for genuine feedback. This helps me stay grounded and makes me more empowered and I feel elated and excited to hear positive feedback.

  • Pushing myself to do more and do it distinctly. When I’m bottom-down, low and upset then is when I rise as a solid substance. My determined never-ending force goes along with me to reach my desires.

I’m sure you’d at least pick one and see the magical change. For me to come so far it took an eternity, I merely want you to succeed and surpass the muddle soon.

You can join for one-on-one training where I'll train you to develop yourself and help you achieve your goals.

Happy Woman's Day to all the ladies out there! Hope you like this blog.

Please share your feedback in the comments form and share the blog if you feel it might be useful for someone around you.

Stay Motivated!! Stay charged!!