My answer is: It Takes everything of a woman.

Yes! You heard me correct.

Being a woman is challenging.
Being a woman is pride.
Being a woman is emotional.
Being a woman is tough.

It's so tardily.

“Don’t want to boast things about woman however when you’re completely a woman is then you realise why there’s so much doddery around.

We normally talk about Acceptance is the first step towards success.

My dear fellow women, it’s time to accept ourselves, our problems, our anxieties, our overwhelming thoughts our responsibilities.

Making yourself comfortable in your shoes is so essential because no one else, not even the other woman can be in your shoes.

On the occasion of woman’s day let’s learn to motivate ourselves and stop comparing with others.

Below are ideas to encourge self-motivation:

These are foolproof and tested by me:

A little glimpse of who I’m and what I do


Job Roles that I Play:










From being professionally equipped to managing the house, taking care of parents and family, being in touch with friends and special people, supporting and encouraging my team.

I do it passionately. For all these years there’s one constant thing. Self-motivation.

Here’s a list of things I do ceaselessly to motivate myself.

Disclaimer: Some days are bad, dull and demotivating but what counts is how soon you start over again.

  • Talking and sharing with my loved ones and self about what I love to do and how can I do it better.

  • Keeping my desk and room clean is like decluttering my mind. It motivates my creative energy.

  • Reading positive + strong quotes on the internet. Reading them over and our again. This helps me find my inner self.

  • Giving my best and reaching out to my learners/clients for genuine feedback. This helps me stay grounded and makes me more empowered and I feel elated and excited to hear positive feedback.

  • Pushing myself to do more and do it distinctly. When I’m bottom-down, low and upset then is when I rise as a solid substance. My determined never-ending force goes along with me to reach my desires.

I’m sure you’d at least pick one and see the magical change. For me to come so far it took an eternity, I merely want you to succeed and surpass the muddle soon.

You can join for one-on-one training where I'll train you to develop yourself and help you achieve your goals.

Happy Woman's Day to all the ladies out there! Hope you like this blog.

Please share your feedback in the comments form and share the blog if you feel it might be useful for someone around you.

Stay Motivated!! Stay charged!!


Updated: Dec 25, 2020

My first question to you is

Do you talk?


Do you communicate?

Do you want to become an optimal communicator?

If yes, stay tuned.

Before you skip saying “NO”

Read this.

5 Reasons why you should improve your communication skills which will make you more likeable.

1. Do you envy that friend/colleague who is charming and pleases everyone around?

2. Do you want to become the most popular employee/student?

3. Do you want to get noticed and be there as a top-notch choice for everyone?

4. Do you struggle in getting your first impressions right?

5. Do you want to be more interesting?

SSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Here are some secrets that I am going to spill that will help you charm everyone and leave an impact on your personality and skills only by improving your communication skills. Strong communication skills shall take you a long way. Great communicators have persuasive communication, great communication skills and some secrets skills.

50% of a great relationship is how you treat someone. The other 50% is having the ability and confidence to communicate the treatment you want in return.
- Mathew Hussey

Here’s what you need to know.

I am sharing two of my prominent secrets of communication skills that will help you to become a leader.

How to have good communication skills?

The answer lies in the below passage.

1. Be a good listener: One of the toughest to implement but a blockbuster performer. Believe me "Everyone wants to be understood" somewhere deep down even you feel like pouring your heart out. Isn't it? What if you become a good listener? Don't you think you'll become the first choice of everybody's approach? You'll become popular as they can easily share what they feel because they know you're there to listen to their heart-touching stories, their complications in life, their sad time's tales and also an overwhelming situation.

If you become a good listener and not a great counsellor then chances are people will come to you to feel heard.

Isn’t that amazing?

Only a thing or only one change can be a lifesaver. Only one change of holding your horses of speaking will make you more popular and a mature person.

Try this out! And share your experience with me.

Above all, this secret allows you to contemplate on things and then give/reach to a decision.

2. Tweak your non-verbal communication – Learn to express. Improve your gestures. Along with your verbal communications, your non-verbal communication matters a lot.

What is non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication is anything that you act without speaking oral communication.

- It includes your body movements

- Posture

- Smile

- Hand gestures

What improvement should you carry out?

- Try to keep your mood chilled so that a positive/vibrant smile reflects from within.

- Showing acknowledgement to the other person by nodding your head, blinking your eyes and through positive hand gesture reflects/gives a sign of a good communicator.


- Looking up while speaking.

- Fidgeting your body.

- Constantly shaking your leg while sitting down.

- Staring at the speaker

- Jumping into the conversation without permission.

These are all distractions in communication and reflect your personality as an immature, insensible, illiterate, shirker etc.

If you possess any of the above, then you need to take some expeditious actions for you to be in the list of good personalities.

By now, you must have understood the importance of communication.

Communication is part of "YOU" the majority of your personality after your appearance is communication skills.

A Great Tip in the form a Quote:

A little communication goes a long way.

If you’re busy, say it.

If you’re upset, express it.

If you’re running late, let people know.

If you don’t want to do something, be straightforward.

If you’re unsure, ask.

It’s so simple yet so important.

- TheMindsJournal

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For me "MEDITATION" terminology was quite boring and petrifying in the beginning. Growing up in a traditional, middle-class family carved by roots those are deep had a definition of MEDITATION.

I used to giggle, tease and make fun of meditation whenever my mother used to tell me or try to convince me to do it for my study concentration in school times. I suppose the dent wasn't in the process but the way it was traditionally and culturally notorious.

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Meditation for me was sitting in one place, becoming a yogi sort of and chanting the mantra "OM". (In my head... Ooommmm)

Note: Please don't take me wrong I'm not here to push you towards any disbelief or criticizing any methodology or any religious faith behind it. It just didn't make any sense to me of being able to concentrate on one thing with the whole bunch of anxiety, fear and excitement inside me. It made more sense if it was guided meditation for relaxation and I was able to talk to myself and relax, be mindful.

On top, I have always hated forceful actions to be taken.

If at all meditation gave me the power to concentrate it had to be by willingness. By willingness I mean by one's choice. Anyhow, like someone said let's cut the story short. I have never practiced meditation until I became an adult and surprisingly learned from my younger one (younger sister). They say "many times a kid, a teenager, a young girl/boy teaches us life's best lessons and makes you aware of unknown". This is what happened to me. Not that I was depressed or sad to take up meditation neither I was looking for anxiety meditation perhaps that's the most common reason an individual takes up meditation. wasn't true in my case though.

I believed in this
"Spiritual But Not Religious". I often had a zest of diving in my spiritual space. Coming back to the younger sister's reference, one fine day she suggested me to take up meditation or give it a try. When she referred my first question was the obvious one. Is the traditional way? Do I need to chant any mantra?

And guess what the answer was "NO". It was exciting and encouraging.

Next, she said, "Di you can relax, sleep, lay down, put on your earphones and do it whenever you want it you're free". It has a 10 minute guided meditation. It has a beginner meditation, you don’t need to worry too much just use it and check for yourself. Even the interface is quiet eye-catching and captivating. Wow! I was on cloud nine then as it was one solution to all my problems and curiosity. I was always into getting some headspace. Isn't it interesting, you’ve got the answers now? My curious cat had come out of the box probing questions and here we're wearing earphones, laying down and listening to a magical voice. Yes, it's magical. It’s soothing, it's guided meditation for deep sleep and relaxation, it's guided meditation for mindfulness, it's focused and the best part is even a naive fellow can start with it as it includes beginner’s meditation. By now, you must have guessed it's something on the mobile phone. Yes, it's an application which did and is still doing wonders in my life. I installed this app known as HEADSPACE. It starts self-explanatory with its name itself of exactly what it will do to you. I got comfortable with my headspace meditation, I get my headspace sleep. I think it’s one of the best guided meditation I have come across.

Disclaimer: Please don't expect instant results. For me, it's been over a year now and still, I'm not regular.

You'll need to hold your horses before you grab the bull by its horns. You'll be in the pink of your mental health only if you take it one day at a time, go slow but be consistent. Headspace meditation is best for those who are looking out for beginner meditation and want to start from scratch. Go get your headspace meditation now.

Download here:


Headspace: Sleep and Meditation made simple.

Download Headspace App.

Take free trial:

Start with its basic free version.

Headspace not only guides in meditation but it's a package where you get sleep sounds, a meditation for happiness, meditation for stress, anxiety meditation, meditation for healthy living, meditation for sleep and some animated video for guidance if you're green to the meditation world or experience. Cheery on the cake is its group meditation if you have got that vibe of getting along with people for your energy source.

Using Headspace will surely reduce anxiety,

Make you more in control of yourself,

Help you de-clutter your mind and finally help you focus on things "YOU" want to focus on.

After practicing HEADSPACE over a year, I have found a NEW ME, who is more in control of her mind, body and soul. It’s time to get your headspace.

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