Well, the answer is really simple but to follow/implement the solutions in reality is a tough job. It's a hard row to hoe.

What do you mean by Digital Detox?

Detoxification means removing the toxins, just add 'Digital' over it. Stay aloof from your mobile, TV or any other gadget that sticks you with it.

Here, the question is - How is it possible to stay remote from the adhering device which has some lucrative Apps that pop up right on your screen, almost the entire day.

Answer the questions below:

No.1: Why do you need this break from the glutinous device?

No.2: How many hours a day can you keep the device away?

No.3: Do you want to practice this in the long run or is it your short term goal?

Spend enough time finding the answers. And, when you're ready and feel the need then please precede on the solvent given below.

Living in the digital world itself and then planning to get rid of one is contradictory. For making it look possible, you need to rewind and think about the golden days our grandparents and parents lived. Those were the days without the harmful digital frequencies.

Festive time has just begun and it's just the right time to engross in a challenging task as there would be people to support and encourage. You don't need to put in loads of efforts to be away from the digital world.

Any activity that you pursue, for a prolonged duration, becomes a habit. So, choose your activities wisely. Basic activity of reading a newspaper and having your chai lasts till your last breath, isn't it?

Here your choice matters whether it's reading a newspaper or book, indulging in the phone, checking emails, talking to family or using the computer. Remember it's going to stay with you forever unlike a materialistic piece of thing. This habit is going to define you as a person.

It's never too late, the moment you realize something has to change that you have been doing for years and that change is much needed for you to grow, don't stop yourself. Motivate yourself and do the plan of action.

The first path-breaking step lies here. Going that extra mile to do what you feel is right for you and only you. Self-love is essential and Self-motivation is a demand.

I'm going to add a huge reference that put me on fire to give it a try. It's been years I always dreamed of being the one like my father who doesn't like to stay in bed after 7 or 8 am.

It took years for him to convince me on this one. The benefits are endless of course no need to discuss further.

So, failure was part of me when it came to sustaining with this morning habit. Then one day I came across this book 'The 5 am club'. It again convinced me for the benefits I would get, just like my father. The point is, convincing is easy implementing is incorrigible.

Will talk about the book -

The book has strategies and a plan for you to become a member of 'The 5 am club'. They say 'Nothing comes easy if it's easy it's fragile and won't last for long'. It takes years for a person to develop a habit. Every individual can have a different perspective even though the lines written in the book are going to remain the same. What you take and how you take is the way you're as a person and what's your purpose of reading that particular book.

Coming to the Crux of the Matter - The core formula/solution isn't at the beginning, but falls in the mid of the book. Also, there are small learning's in every chapter and every short passage given in the book.

My main target was to find 'TIME' to detach from the digital world. I'm not saying that you should be a member of 5 am club then only you can detach from the digital world. But there's going to be no harm if you become one.

'Early to bed and early to rise' is an old saying. That's possible with the people who are 'morning people' and unthinkable for 'night owls'. The major shift in the timetable takes a toll, mentally and physically. For me, it's the deciding factor that charges me to dwell on for my betterment.

Cutting it short, I'm not yet a member of 5 am club as my consistency is only for 14 to 15 days a month. Practicing this ritual has added a great value to boost my immunity, my mental stability and reliability on myself. Your body and mind is a double-edged sword you could use it to make a right choice or a disastrous choice which will make an end.

It doesn't mean that waking up at '5 am' is the only key for digital exemption. It could be '6 am or 7 am' as well.

Of course, after 7 am it's too late to retain the focus and essence of the mentioned theory in the book. Take it as per your convenience initially and gradually you can set a goal of achieving the desires. You can buy and read the book yourself to dive in more for the theory and concepts of becoming a morning person.  

Going back to where I started, firstly decide the path-breaking step and plan to start your day by performing Zumba, practicing yoga, some cool-down exercise, meditation, reading a book or having chai with the family. Focus is to spend quality time for an hour or more without your phone or any digital gadget. It will be tempting for you just to scroll down your screen to check a message or an email. Don't fool yourself and fall into trap of ' it's only Day 1, later I'll manage' as the later will never come.

You're shifting your time ahead of your normal time zone to keep yourself free and detach from the digital world.

If still, you feel it's looking an unmanageable task, here are 5  different ways you can start with.

1. Create a no mobile zone at your home -If you step in that zone with mobile then you'll be punished and have to pay a fine. Decide it with your family what you'll do of the money deposited in terms of fine. This will be scalable and interesting for the other family members to catch you red-handed with a phone. Fun and easy way of being intact with your closed ones.

2. No mobile time once a week - Take a small cloth bag and collect all the phones in the house. In this, watching TV or movie on a computer is allowed. Focus is to only be away from the mobile phone.

3. Depositing mobile phone in the cupboard, lock it at least for an hour or so - Here the focus is on individual forming a habit. You can engage in different activities like writing, cooking, applying a face pack, cleaning or just sitting idle in the balcony gazing at the trees and leaves. It's so liberating to do this. Check out yourself once and will want to redo it.

4. Setting timers on the influencing Apps in the phone - Make a list of the spending apps, time pass apps and just checking apps and put up a timer on each. Set a time of not more than, 15 minutes on each. It'll automatically turn in the grey zone once you exceed the time limit. This way you'll be in control of the device your using rather the devil device controlling you.

5. Indulge in some outdoor activity near your home - An activity like playing cricket, badminton, cycling, going to the gym or the yoga centre. The trick is to make a deliberate effort of forgetting the device at home. Sounds brain-sick but it works the best and with fewer efforts, you're already away from the Digi zone.

Finally, it's true, that we are living the digital era where it's unavoidable to distant yourself from the devices. That's why we can keep a small target of achieving less than achieving nothing at all and blaming the fuss happening around.

For me, it's my "Me time" without the phone as I can dream endlessly anything and everything. I'm not a slave of the technology, neither my brain is been controlled by a device.

My mindset, heart set, soul set and health sets are well balanced.

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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Is self-love selfish? Does self - love mean being alone? Does self-love make a person detach from the real world?

These paranoiac thoughts might dang you. But, hold on. Don't you worry about this? They say if you have questions, there lies an answer as well. It's just, you need to find them. Let's start with the definition first.

Self-love is a combination of things done by an individual to be his/her best self.

It's about happiness, well-being, care, loving yourself first than others, etc. Self-love is essential for one's growth, mental stability, maintaining a positive aura, just being an amazing person until you die. I hope the definition is sufficing enough for you to hop on to the actual actions needed to be taken.

Practical solutions to self-love:

1. Embrace your flaws: This is deep and difficult to endure. "Acceptance" will help you accomplish this solution. Accept the way you're, tall or short, fair or dark, energetic or lethargic, middle-class or upper-class, employed or unemployed, hairy or bald, skinny or fat, topper or failure. I can go on with my duo examples. Now that you grok my point of view it should be easy for you. Say it out loud, stand in front of the mirror and say this to yourself. This should your first step of accepting yourself. Think about other beings those who can't speak or have taste buds like you who can enjoy food. Human beings are the only kinds gifted enough with intelligence and taste buds.

2. Treat yourself: In simple words especially for girls out there, pamper yourself. Definition of pampering oneself may be different. And, why not these days even men relish their part of pampering in salon or spa. Treating can be gifting something(ordering online - newfangled way) to yourself, giving a food treat by visiting your favorite food joint(or ordering from Swiggy), or simply having a bar of chocolate.

3. Do what you like: Self-indulgence is so not obvious but this effort will make a difference. Engage, yourself into activities that you like to do like pursue a hobby, give me time, binge watch shows that you liked over the years(needless to mention the source from where you can binge-watch old stuff), go alone on a walk or just read a book. Make time for what you love to do.

4. Appreciate yourself more often: Yes, you deserve self-praise(adulation) to stay confident, be determined in your lows and do not get carried away. If can't self-praise at the beginning then start noticing people around you. Hear them out, start pinning it down in phone or a notepad. Write what they say, what they appreciate about you when they give compliments. Who doesn't like listening to praise? Sometimes, blowing your own trumpet is so necessary for you to value yourself more than anyone else. After getting a hang on this one, you can pat on your back, you don't need other people for any kind of recognition. Say "Kudos" to yourself, congratulate on the small things that you do it yourself. Just feel awe-inspiring in that moment.

5. Blossom the new you: Though this is going to be a challenge as not everybody would like to change. People are hesitant to change in today's time as well. Self-love has to be enhanced every single day, it needs to flourish, it'll need to spread its wings. Self-love is a habit. You have to continue with the habit until you get it right and nurture yourself.

I know it's a journey. The above solvents are to be followed one after the other. From a caterpillar to a butterfly, it's a journey of the same individual, yet there's a humongous conversion. Don't worry much about the "new you", it will take some time for you to sink in the process. Believe me "Self-love is going to take you a long way". It's going to change you from within, respect yourself more, take care of your thoughts and moves. Self-love is a productive insight into yourself. Love yourself, your body, your mind, who you're and then you'll see the world with a different linear perspective.

The first baby step towards getting the right rhythm for the most widely spoken language.
English is a constant menace in India.

Why English is a threat?

Why English lets you put down your weapon. Get the basics cleared out first.

For some English is a funny language, and for others, it's a beautiful language.

Learn to embrace the language from within, learn to love the language, learn to accept it as your own taste.

Have you thought about what can an International language give you?

It can give you authority, it can give you the power to express, it can build you or destroy you, it can make you possible for the real world.

Speaking English well is not about not always being grammatically correct, it's not about being always right with the tense, it's not about using advanced vocabulary all the time, it's not always about fluency.

It's all about the grace, elegance, the internal love to speak the language, to deliver the right communication, to make the world understand your message, to feel the warmth while speaking.

No more hatred for this language. Remember only love can conquer the battle.

Embrace your flaws,

Be perfect with your imperfections,

Don't push yourself very hard.

What can be done practically to love the language?

Ask yourself below questions:

1. Do I agree to the above lines(paragraph)?

2. Can I love the language?

3. Can I be true to myself?.

4. Will I give more than 100% and be consistent with the practice of this language?

5. Does my inner force comprehend what the writer has written?

If the majority is yes, then go ahead with the below tips and go ahead with the choice you have just made.

No matter what the age,

No matter how rich or poor,

No matter what background you come from,

And no matter whether you can speak English fluently or no.

No one can stop you by invading your dream of speaking English fluently.

Follow below tips :

1. Find your topic of interest.

2. Either read - books, magazines, story books, textbooks, newspaper, hoardings, Whats’App messages or quotes. Choose your liking.

3. Start practicing by saying it in front of a stranger who doesn't know English that well.

4. Push yourself a little bit for the next step to start giving your introduction in front of friends or where the opportunity lies.

Like a job interview, in front of an educated guest or a friend or a colleague or maybe your cute siblings those who support you.

5. Start with fear, yes I just said that. Fear is “okay” to start with because initial anxiety is the root cause for many to just not being able to move ahead. You do it, maybe fail in this, several times but keep trying.

Try until you succeed. That one day will come your way with a blossom surprise to make you feel worth it, to make you realize you can do it, to show you and guide you further in this beautiful journey that just has began.