5 ways to Practice Self-love

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Is self-love selfish? Does self - love mean being alone? Does self-love make a person detach from the real world?

These paranoiac thoughts might dang you. But, hold on. Don't you worry about this? They say if you have questions, there lies an answer as well. It's just, you need to find them. Let's start with the definition first.

Self-love is a combination of things done by an individual to be his/her best self.

It's about happiness, well-being, care, loving yourself first than others, etc. Self-love is essential for one's growth, mental stability, maintaining a positive aura, just being an amazing person until you die. I hope the definition is sufficing enough for you to hop on to the actual actions needed to be taken.

Practical solutions to self-love:

1. Embrace your flaws: This is deep and difficult to endure. "Acceptance" will help you accomplish this solution. Accept the way you're, tall or short, fair or dark, energetic or lethargic, middle-class or upper-class, employed or unemployed, hairy or bald, skinny or fat, topper or failure. I can go on with my duo examples. Now that you grok my point of view it should be easy for you. Say it out loud, stand in front of the mirror and say this to yourself. This should your first step of accepting yourself. Think about other beings those who can't speak or have taste buds like you who can enjoy food. Human beings are the only kinds gifted enough with intelligence and taste buds.

2. Treat yourself: In simple words especially for girls out there, pamper yourself. Definition of pampering oneself may be different. And, why not these days even men relish their part of pampering in salon or spa. Treating can be gifting something(ordering online - newfangled way) to yourself, giving a food treat by visiting your favorite food joint(or ordering from Swiggy), or simply having a bar of chocolate.

3. Do what you like: Self-indulgence is so not obvious but this effort will make a difference. Engage, yourself into activities that you like to do like pursue a hobby, give me time, binge watch shows that you liked over the years(needless to mention the source from where you can binge-watch old stuff), go alone on a walk or just read a book. Make time for what you love to do.

4. Appreciate yourself more often: Yes, you deserve self-praise(adulation) to stay confident, be determined in your lows and do not get carried away. If can't self-praise at the beginning then start noticing people around you. Hear them out, start pinning it down in phone or a notepad. Write what they say, what they appreciate about you when they give compliments. Who doesn't like listening to praise? Sometimes, blowing your own trumpet is so necessary for you to value yourself more than anyone else. After getting a hang on this one, you can pat on your back, you don't need other people for any kind of recognition. Say "Kudos" to yourself, congratulate on the small things that you do it yourself. Just feel awe-inspiring in that moment.

5. Blossom the new you: Though this is going to be a challenge as not everybody would like to change. People are hesitant to change in today's time as well. Self-love has to be enhanced every single day, it needs to flourish, it'll need to spread its wings. Self-love is a habit. You have to continue with the habit until you get it right and nurture yourself.

I know it's a journey. The above solvents are to be followed one after the other. From a caterpillar to a butterfly, it's a journey of the same individual, yet there's a humongous conversion. Don't worry much about the "new you", it will take some time for you to sink in the process. Believe me "Self-love is going to take you a long way". It's going to change you from within, respect yourself more, take care of your thoughts and moves. Self-love is a productive insight into yourself. Love yourself, your body, your mind, who you're and then you'll see the world with a different linear perspective.