Be an effective listener - Listening skills

While reading is an important aspect of learning, listening is also an essential part of learning and development. People often ask me, what’s the difference between hearing and listening?

The answer is simple and it requires your skills.

Listening is an art that requires
Attention over Talent,
Spirit over Ego,
Others over Self.
- Dean Jackson

Hearing is a default function. On the other hand, listening is an art you possess by birth or is acquired through continuous practice. Here there's another glitch, people listen to respond. The moment they listen to the other person they hastily want to reply to them in some way or the other.

Has it happened with you? You listen to someone and immediately want to give a solution, give advise, stop the other person and speak. At times, it is to show the other person that they are wrong or show your macho skills of tackling problems. If you have done it you really need to self analyze if you're a good listener or not. The problem is that the other person does not always demand or needs your answer. Perhaps, they want to be heard or need your attention. They want to share their feelings. They meant to pour their heart out and feel better. They have trust and faith in you, that you won't go and tell it to other people. You should understand that they aren't looking for answers.

So it's time to be an effective listener. You have to hone your listening skills from time to time and generation to generation.

Let’s say,

If your friend is a taciturn person, then show them your qualities of being a sensible and effective listener. Definitely, the sapid conversation will turn into a great gusto.

Below are the variant ways you can practice to develop your listening skills.

1. Watch movies without audio sound. Try to understand what’s happening.

2. If you feel your friend is in need and wants to pour his/her heart to you. Be patient and listen. Don’t listen to respond; listen to understand.

3. Hold on your comments, if people around you are having messy conversations. While you commute from place to place try to be a good listener.

4. You can try to be a sharp observant wherein you only observe and comprehend. Don’t speak.

KEY: Listening can solve your major communication obstacles. Take time to change yourself. Change for a purpose. Listen! Listen! Listen! And when and if needed then you reply or respond.

Let's start our journey to be an effective listener. If you’re a good listener, that’s a benison. Nurture it more.


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