Best way to improve your English

The first baby step towards getting the right rhythm for the most widely spoken language.
English is a constant menace in India.

Why English is a threat?

Why English lets you put down your weapon. Get the basics cleared out first.

For some English is a funny language, and for others, it's a beautiful language.

Learn to embrace the language from within, learn to love the language, learn to accept it as your own taste.

Have you thought about what can an International language give you?

It can give you authority, it can give you the power to express, it can build you or destroy you, it can make you possible for the real world.

Speaking English well is not about not always being grammatically correct, it's not about being always right with the tense, it's not about using advanced vocabulary all the time, it's not always about fluency.

It's all about the grace, elegance, the internal love to speak the language, to deliver the right communication, to make the world understand your message, to feel the warmth while speaking.

No more hatred for this language. Remember only love can conquer the battle.

Embrace your flaws,

Be perfect with your imperfections,

Don't push yourself very hard.

What can be done practically to love the language?

Ask yourself below questions:

1. Do I agree to the above lines(paragraph)?

2. Can I love the language?

3. Can I be true to myself?.

4. Will I give more than 100% and be consistent with the practice of this language?

5. Does my inner force comprehend what the writer has written?

If the majority is yes, then go ahead with the below tips and go ahead with the choice you have just made.

No matter what the age,

No matter how rich or poor,

No matter what background you come from,

And no matter whether you can speak English fluently or no.

No one can stop you by invading your dream of speaking English fluently.

Follow below tips :

1. Find your topic of interest.

2. Either read - books, magazines, story books, textbooks, newspaper, hoardings, Whats’App messages or quotes. Choose your liking.

3. Start practicing by saying it in front of a stranger who doesn't know English that well.

4. Push yourself a little bit for the next step to start giving your introduction in front of friends or where the opportunity lies.

Like a job interview, in front of an educated guest or a friend or a colleague or maybe your cute siblings those who support you.

5. Start with fear, yes I just said that. Fear is “okay” to start with because initial anxiety is the root cause for many to just not being able to move ahead. You do it, maybe fail in this, several times but keep trying.

Try until you succeed. That one day will come your way with a blossom surprise to make you feel worth it, to make you realize you can do it, to show you and guide you further in this beautiful journey that just has began.


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