Kaizen continuous improvement


- a method that divides a task into multiple steps

- it's a step by step approach

Hey everyone,

This blog is going to be a bit different than my usual blogs. It took a while for me to narrow down things and write a blog on this book. Yes, I'm talking about

Kaizen by Sarah Harvey. It's one of my go-to book for any problems I may have. It's that one book which will always be in the front stack in my bookshelf. It's that one book which will never be outdated or old school.
It's that one book which can be read by any age group and still it'll benefit them all.

Now you know, why it must have taken a while for me to sum up and share the secrets or break it down into an easy way.

This time it's not only going to be a blog but learnings' from the book in the form of info-graphics.

Now, if you doubt what is info-graphics and how it is useful for you then hold on for a while. You'll get to know on my Instagram pages soon.

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Let's read, share and develop.

Kaizen - Life approach

In daily life, we find it extremely difficult to stay up with habits. And because of the unproductive habits we often lose on our goals and targets, we often become a target of health diseases. Here, the Kaizen approach comes into consideration. It helps you focus on the little things in life, changing small habits incrementally, rather than taking big dive without proper care or making dramatic changes which lead to failure ultimately.

Sometimes, it's a unanimous approach that is taken by the whole family to reach a certain family goal.

Kaizen is also a business methodology, however mostly used for personal development.

Kaizen methodology tools you up with tips and useful tricks that you can apply to your existing habits and then change them. You can tailor build a Kaizen approach as per your own need. Everybody's approach would be a varied one, as their needs and goals would be distinctive. Remember, only you have the potential to overhaul your current habits and demolish the unproductive ones.

Kaizen the word, is a noun. It's a Japanese word that means improvement. No matter whether the improvement is small or big, timed or continuous.

What did I learn from Kaizen?

It's a systematic plan, it can be worked with any existing habit and at an own pace. It can be modified as per my convenience. It breaks down the heavy load of achieving the bigger and humongous goals into smaller and compact steps. Once the plan is ready, it can be implemented daily with my other routine or mundane activities. Life becomes pretty easy, I can now maintain sustainable changes in my habits and behaviour.

The Kaizen philosophy assumes that our way of life - be it working life, our social life, or our home life - deserves to be constantly improved.

- Mr Masaaki Imai.

Why Kaizen?

People often take new year resolutions for a better change or a better lifestyle whether it's on a personal level or professional level. However, the zeal to do so or to take a bigger leap fails miserably within a few days or weeks or months. You get tired of the change that you have made recently or you don't get time to resume the newly developed habit. You're loaded with new responsibilities, new challenges, new workload and this is when everything goes for a toss. (dries off). Things just get out of your control and you start cribbing on small things, within no time you reach the high point and completely stop the newly build activity and feel guilty for the rest of the year. It not only mentally distracts you but also affects your current performance. Here, Kaizen plays a vital role. Kaizen methodology makes some teeny-weeny changes and gradually helps you to reach the set goal or maintain your resolutions.

Let's understand by an example:

Normal plan:

New Year Resolution: Joining a gym for weight loss

Start date: 1 Jan 2020

End date: 15 Jan 2020

Activity buildup: Spend 1 hour in the gym and get trained for weight loss.

During the activity: Find it difficult as your body doesn't easily adapt the new change, you face new challenges in the office and hence it's tedious to cope up with the schedule and still take out time to go to the gym, you get tired and skip one day, next day you become more lethargic as you feel it's okay to skip another day, after a few days you feel nothing is happening it's a waste of time and money.

Result: You couldn't survive with the bigger and major schedule change and hence couldn't reach the goal.

Kaizen plan:

New Year Resolution: Weight loss journey

Start date: 1 Jan 2020

End date: Tentatively 10 Oct 2020

Target: 10 Months / 5 kilos weight loss

Be specific and time if possible.

Activities: Rather than going for a major shift in routine and forcing yourself on harsh reality, break it down and make things simpler and easier. Think of some smaller changes that can be given a try without even disturbing your current habits or work schedule.  


1. Climb stairs whenever possible instead of using elevators.

2. Cut down on junk food - like instead of gulping down a packet of wafers alone, offer it your friend or colleague and share the packet. Likewise, you can have many examples.

3. Start a 5 minutes exercise in the morning using your mobile app, just to feel good and energetic.

4. Cut down on white sugar slowly. Add on substitutes like jaggery or honey. Replace the container in your kitchen with jaggery granules and use it while making tea or coffee. This will help you form a healthy new habit without even compromising or making a major shift. Initially, the taste might bother you but with times, you'll be okay.

5. Start taking charge of some household chores. Household chores are a great way for weight loss whether it's sweeping the floor, or arranging your wardrobe. It engages you physically which in return helps you become more active, and loosen your fat.

Aren't these five steps a great way to bring that change in your daily dose and make some remarkable achievement eventually.  

I know some might still feel that these are too many steps and there's a constant pressure of recollecting these. But remember, you have a couple of days to make a list and tick one at a time and gradually increase the habits. Some habits might just be a part of you for the rest of your life, isn't that a magnificent achievement? Making smaller and invisible changes in your daily routine will smoothly make you do those things without even you taking the pressure of recollecting or redoing it.

Habits are a great form of self-development.

This is just one example, but Kaizen has it all.

When I finished this book, the only words that I came up with were

"Wow! finally, I have found all of my answers. It's amazing to feel happy when your doubts are solved and that too in a simple manner. You name a problem and Kaizen has an answer for it". That's the beauty of Kaizen methodology.

Here I would like to mention, Kaizen isn't an instant two-minute magic approach. It's a process that changes you from within and helps you grow in your good habits and eradicate the unpleasant ones. It's a process full of action-oriented steps with some invincible changes in your routine yet gives you surprising and impactful results.

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