Keeps your issues to yourself,

I've many of mine.

When you're paragliding in the ocean of emotions,

When you're distress with daunting thoughts,

When you're sobbing, crying and weeping hard deep inside your heart

There's no one,

There's simply no one

To console you,

To console your thoughts,

To console your feelings,

To make you feel better.

You're for yourself, at least for me that's been an experience at times. Not that my loved ones don't help, they aren't around me. I think that's just my way of bursting out alone and finding my way to come out of the big mountain and dive deep into the sea to find my strength.

You know what I've learnt,

You're your strength,
You're your weakness.

Yes, I say this because you and your thoughts and your actions decide both whether to be a powerful person or a feeble person.

You choose to be fragile or agile,

You choose to be naive or become the expert,

You choose to be the underdog or go-getter.

Impose good qualities on self,

Imbibe knowledge from others that seek freedom of thoughts, freedom to choose right, freedom to unlearn and learn.

I choose to be a strong, powerful, talented, creative, effective, smart and thoughtful communicator.

I constantly communicate this to my body, mind and soul.

What goes in comes out, that's true in your mind and body space. When you choose to eat healthily and push out healthy, wisely act well with your brain as well. Moreover, look into the nitty-gritty of your feelings developed, the way you respond and the way you act. I'm sure, self-assessment shall play a key role.

We all have a tremendous amount of pain sacrifices, troubles, obstacles, low phases in life. We all are bogged down by constant or frequent issues. Why bother others, though a friend, though a family member, though a cousin, though a most reliable person(mother or father), remember the tile. Keep your issues with you, I've my own. Let me deal with mine and you deal yours. We all need to be super-women and super-men when life throws the toughest challenge to play on.

Are you ready to deal with your battle of turbulence in life?

I'm readily giving out my best for over 10 years and still continue to do so.

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