Make this world a better place, it all starts with little attention and care.

Benny was smart, intelligent and a bonzer student. Benny was amicable with everyone. Benny had a best friend. Her name was Cintra. Cintra was timid, shy yet wise enough at times. Benny and Cintra went to the same school. One morning their teacher called them and chose Benny for the quiz competition. As Benny was intelligent and smart, teachers would always focus on Benny. Cintra was shy but if given a chance would be wise. In high schools, it was always the smarter kids getting their chance. The mediocre never got a chance to prove. Another morning a new teacher was appointed in the school. She was different from others. She felt fascinated to train the underdogs. It was a challenge for her and she believed it was her responsibility to teach and guide the weak first. As they'll need help and not the smarter ones as they would smart enough to deal and slide the ride on their own. That day a unique decision was taken, Cintra was chosen over Benny to perform for the quiz competition. Her (teacher's) endeavor and Cintra’s dedication began. Within no time it was the final day. Cintra had seen Benny preparing, practicing and delivering. Now it was her time. Guess what? This isn't a movie to expect something out of the box. It's simply a reality and fact.

On the quiz day, Cintra was nervous, sweating and didn't had that much confidence. But as mentioned earlier she was wise. She went to the teacher and said "Thank you so much for giving a chance. It means a lot. I have changed myself during these training days. Not only me but your decision has changed the lives of many as they now feel proud of the space they've got for themselves. I also want to thank my friend Benny as unknowingly I have learned many things from her. I can't guarantee you that I'll get a trophy or win the competition but I'll give my 100%. Also, I believe this is just a start and there's a lot to do. I thank you from bottom of my heart. Now there will always be equality among all students and everybody would be allowed to prove themselves. No one will be ignored or given less importance." The teacher was so happy to see and hear Cintra. She could sense the change she wanted to make by changing the mentality of people. There was this sudden noise from the back of the door. No wonder it was Benny listening to the conversation. Benny was curious to know about Cintra. Benny had also learned a lesson that being a friend she could have helped her(Cintra). Perhaps whenever it was a matter of intelligence she could never think of Cintra. She would always hang out with her smarter friends and asked for help. She wasn't able to understand Cintra’s feelings & fear. Benny also thanked the teacher many times. And from then on, the duet "Benny- Cintra” always worked together & helped each other to grow.

Learning :

  • Friend / Individual : Make sure no one is left out or there are categories set out for people.

  • Parents - See to it if your child is facing issues like Cintra.

  • Also, parents like Benny's parents make sure your child is helping at least one child like Cintra.


Let’s come together and make this world a better place to live in.


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