Positivity / Positive thinking - What, Why and How?

What is positivity?

Positive thinking is filling up your mind with hope, faith, security, happiness & confidence. Positive thinking is your approach towards the situation. Positive thinking is the energy that you carry with you and within you. The most herculean force in the universe is "the inner force" or "silent force" mentioned by James Allen in one of his books. Rather than a plethora of ambiguity in mind with mixed and multiple thoughts -  "the silent power of thought" is always better.

Positivity around you and within you can change the situation, it can change the thought process, it can evacuate the dull and negative energy around you. It will keep you happy, content, satisfied, blissful, wise and with clutter free mind.

Don’t you run for these things in today’s media dramatic & hectic schedule?

Giving time for yourself is a self-driven thought which can change yourself.

Positivity can be being calm for one person & it can be being content for another. Though the ultimate goal would be the same in terms of giving or expecting results. That's all about positivity and positive thinking.

Why is it necessary?

  • Positivity is necessary to get selected at a job interview.

  • Positivity attitude is necessary for position appraisal at the workplace.

  • Positive thinking is necessary for healthy living.

  • Positive behavior/approach is necessary for maintaining good relations.

  • Positiveness is necessary to create a balance in work life & family.

Let’s read a practical example:

Once there were two employees from Sales & Marketing department. They were Raj and Jay. Their company had got a big project recently and these two got selected for Sales & Marketing of apparel product.

At the scenario - They both got landed at a different location. It was a village in a rural area with no such development in the area or living. People in that village weren't wearing proper clothes. Instead, they wrapped themselves with leaves and rags to cover their body.   

Raj - How can I even sell or market my product of apparels here because no one is educated and there is no development. They won't understand the importance of clothing. They all must be having an orthodox mindset. Who will buy? Forget buying they won't even talk to me. My career is finished. I'm going back and working as an Executive.

Jay - Oh! Wow. I can see opportunity lying right in front of me. The entire market is mine. I can spread the importance of apparel and the benefits. I can sell my product to each and every individual. An opportunity to showcase my skills. And if I give my best and achieve something, likewise I might get more rural villages to look after. Also, there are chances of becoming a Marketing Head for a particular location. This is a kick start of my career.

In above you can see how a positive approach changed the situation & created opportunity.

This is the power of “Silent thought & Positive thinking”.

Now the question left is How?

Was it easy for Jay?

No. Not at all. Nothing comes easy in life. They say "Easy earnings are bigger loses"; "Quick & shorter gratifications are temporary. These things can never be for a long term in your life. And remember, to develop any skill you at least need to practice it for minimum 21 days.

That's why the how to be a positive person will directly cover the implementation part. Practical implementation will lead to practical achievement.

Let’s start enforcing it by taking a

28 Day Positivity Challenge”.

To participate,

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