Self-Reflection is the path to your success.

Self-reflection is a virtue. There's a difference in self-analysis and self-reflection. Reflection is a positive word which doesn't require you to be hard on yourself, whereas analyzing could be punishing yourself for doing wrong.

Self-reflection is about listening to yourself, reflecting back on the journey and having enough food for thought. You need to develop your thoughts on how you did in the past and what did you do. It's reflecting on your needs, your work, your expectations, your goals, your skills, and your behavior. The first step of change is to become aware of your own self.

Now you may ask how to do a self-reflection?

So, here are some tips which I would like to share below and I'm sure it will definitely change you as a person in the near future for better futurity.

1. Decide a day in a month or week depending on when do you want to do a self-reflection. It might vary from person to person. So, first would be to dedicate a day and time to do this. Give a specific date of a month or week and allot a time slot along with the number of minutes you would give to do this particular activity.

2. Rewind everything in your head till the day you’re sitting to do this. If it’s for the first time, I would suggest to make a plan prior and count on a number of days you want to reflect. You need to internalize completely. For e.g: 30 days or 15 days. Relax and play a cassette(thoughts of past days) in your head of what all things happened in these past days. Focus on highlights.

3. Start noting things on paper. Putting things on paper is really an unwavering step to take. Jot down the keywords and try to connect the dots. You can also add comments and pat on your back at this point, take a moment to see how far you’ve come. By praising I mean, can add comments of self-appreciation.

4. Take two color papers of your choice and write your achievements(Positives) on one paper and things you want to change on another. Keeping it in bullet points shall always help oneself. It will become more promising to tick each point as you will move closer to the target planned. Stick this paper in your room where there is visibility of same and you can ruminate back anytime.

5. Self treats for yourself by going for shopping, having a bar of chocolate, visiting a favorite place, talking to your best friend and sharing your feedback or by just feeling groovy about what you just did.

This is a proper step by step guide to self reflect and keep a check on what you think and say, how to improve, what needs to be done before something wrong has happened or rather anyone coming to you and pointing out on a mistake. This will allow you to better yourself, to be always ahead of others and also a method to get some room of your cluttered mind.


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