Some common mistakes that you can avoid in daily conversation.

  • Anyway or Anyways

Mostly used in daily conversation. Anyway without the letter "s" is the correct one to use.

Anyways with the letter "s" is informal or slang used in spoken English.

  • Fish or fishes

Fish remains fish collectively. If using in an individual form or kind of, you can use fishes.

  • Etiquette or Etiquettes

Etiquette is a French word and it is treated as non countable noun. Hence it doesn't have any plural form.

Same rule is applied in English however, you may use "Etiquettes" in English.

  • Whether to drop or add an apostrophe - It's or its

It's means it is / it has.

e.g: It's a beautiful picture. Meaning : It is a beautiful picture.

It's a huge lobby. Meaning : It has a huge lobby.

Wherein its is used to refer possession or belonging.

e.g: That is Jack's puppy but I don't know its name. Here it shows possession.

  • Everyone or Everybody

Both are pronouns and can be used interchangeably. Many people think it is different.

However if it's "every one" in two separate

words then the meaning is different. Here "every one" refers to each individual member of a group.


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