Unleash your inner potential

"DO what you love to DO"

After a long time, feeling encouraged and happy. It's time for self critics, self-analysis, self rejuvenation, self-reflection and above all loving myself - Self-love.

Travel alone and you'll come across a personality of yours never seen before, a hidden "YOU". Maybe a talent you never knew you had, you might just roll out that bag of yours which carries all the anxieties, worries, consciousness, doubts, rage and deep ruining thoughts. It's so liberating to feel "YOU" the real you. It's an emotional purge. At times, people have a self-identity crisis.

While I write this with great interest and enthusiasm, is played a current favourite song of mine in the cafe. You're writing the place where I'm putting this down on paper is a Cafe. "Cafe Garde Manger". Coming back to the song, it's 'Senorita' the sensational song on YouTube these days which is been played in almost all the trending Cafes and not so trending Cafes. This song soothes my mind, relaxes me mentally and I carry the same flow of energy all day long. And there's my tadka wala moment, "Masala Chai" on my table. Frankly speaking, it's been days haven't sipped an aromatic masala tea. But this tea gives me the vibe of " Taaza ho le". And yes, it did enlighten my spirit, then can I have some sapid conversations with self. There's a synergy between the two. I'm feeling like, I'm back on track with my moves, my stories, my desires, my dreams and my free-flowing write-ups. Here, I want to scream, shout and tell the whole world about the way I'm feeling. There's a lovely smile on my face which I can't conceal. It radiates a positive response in me. Right now, is the time I'd love to get up, show some grooves. I know it would be obnoxious, but as they say "who cares when you're on cloud nine already".

"Do what you love to do", Discover your potential. The lines say it all, you actually do it and then see the magical powers.

I want to pour my heart out,

I want to capture this moment,

I want to mention every single detail,

I want to feel this way every single day, for it keeps me gracious, grounded, enthusiastic and at peace.

My suggestion to all, try the below steps at least once.

Step 1: Step out of your house, unplanned.

Step 2: Look at the wonderful opportunity of seeking your attention.

Step 3: Follow your heart and enter the place. (A restaurant, a book store, a Cafe, sea-face or a beach)

Step 4: Take time to settle, sink in the ambience, people around, feel of feeling in solitude for the first time yet loving every bit of it.

Step 5 : Do what you love to do.

a. Listen to the music

b. Eat yummy, scrumptious food. Observe people, think of some comments and giggle all by yourself

c. Explore the place by moving around

d. Talk to the manger of the restaurant or Cafe, know about the history

e. Talk to friends on call, if needed went out your discomforts.

I'm sure the above mentioned ideas are enough for you to take some actions and connect with my topic.

Thanks to Cafe Garde Manger.

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