What's your hyggeligt moment?

Happiness - is a feeling.

In this world, there are varied cultures and traditions. There are 195 countries in the world.

When it comes to happiness, as per the research Denmark has been in the lead on the top ten list of happiest countries in the world.

There may be different words for happiness like

"Lykke" in Danish

"Bonheur" in French

"Gluck" in German.

But the core thought of the word "Happiness" remains as it is.

People are too busy to take a break and think about their state of happiness for a living. Though it's the central part of our living. Human beings need to be happy for their survival. Materialistic happiness is always temporary.

Recently when I was on a break(vacation) I endeavored into this a bit more, to enlighten my knowledge on happiness. I know change is inevitable. I eagerly wanted that change in me. I researched, googled and watched YouTube.

While going through random stuff I came across this YouTube channel

"Aakrti Rana official". I'd seen her videos before but it was long back then. She spoke about minimalism in life and mentioned this book "The Little Book Of Lykke". When I did my research the other book caught my attention. I'll mention the name of the book in some time.

I thought to start from scratch. Had a gut feeling this book would bring happiness in my life and so did it happen. I'm glad I believed in my instincts.

So, I came across this "The little book of hygge". When i received my parcel I was excited to start. This was my hyggelig moment. Don't try to pronounce with English sounds. Won't work. When I ordered I didn't even know the pronunciation but I was ready for the surprise. Hygge pronunciation is "hoo-guh" or "hoo-ga". Yes, it's "hoo-ga" and not "hi-gie". It's hygge danish. Danish is a language spoken in Denmark. What's more titillating is, I had a smile throughout my read. I could experience moving into the city, knowing their tradition, could sense every nook of it. It's so relaxing.

No doubt, the author himself/herself must be a happy person I thought. And guess what? He is a happy person. Probably the happiest with his job profile.

"Meik Wiking" CEO of the

"Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen has written this book.

To my readers,

This isn't a paid or partnership promotion.

Why I want to mention the source, as it's important to give credibility to the source and thank them.

Here I take this opportunity to thank - Aakriti Rana as because of her video I got the link to this book.

And my special thanks to Meik Wiking to write such a wonderful piece of art.

Since happiness isn't materialistic it has a long way to go. It can stay forever. And forever is the best thing to happen to me when it comes to happiness.

So, during my reading, I could sense that though the culture is different in India. We've been doing things like this.

The book tells you everything about creating "hygge" whether it's about what,how and where to eat, what to wear, being with friends and family or just creating a space for yourself.

I got inspired by it a lot. The pictures in this book caught my attention. I've tried to recreate those captured moments. Hope you'll like it. If you're thinking of happiness then this book is a must. Not only to get a gist but to understand the feeling. Living it alive, living every moment and recreating stuff to surround yourself by the feeling of happiness.

The highlight is emotion, togetherness, comfort, and love. That's it.

I'm going to share 5 secrets to live a happy life in my next blog.

Stay tuned if you're interested to know.


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