Whats App Broadcast Story

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

It all started with a jar. An incident that changed my vision and heart. I became more responsible and there was this zeal in me that drove me crazy to come up with something called " Broadcasting". Not that everyone does that in today's Instagram world. Being into communication training helped me to work on it even more. I used to be fascinated by unique vocabulary words. I always had a question why do we stick to the basics. Like the other up gradation, even our power should be upgraded with times. Yes, I mean power. Words are your power to express, to make the other person feel, to depict the correct data and also flaunt your vocab kitty to stand out from others. Remember I spoke about incident at the beginning. It was an accident four days prior to this invention or kick-start. I hurt my leg and was going through immense pain. What I could do to deviate my mind was to engage myself in a different activity. And that activity happened to be the "Whats App Broadcast". Now why broadcast? Valid question. Though there's lot of social tools available in modern times, I always had an upper hand on Whats App or simply you could say that I couldn't understand to operate other social media apps that well. The second reason is the purpose. To whom do I need to share these things with. People those who are already well educated in vocabulary or surpassed their age to learn new. No. My target audience was right there in my contact list. My learner - English Language, co-workers, colleagues, friends, family members etc. Somewhere or the other they needed some inspiration to trigger them to achieve their goals & feel good about learning new things. So all set now and it was time to start with the first post. It did happen with an invitation card. I feel taking efforts into whatever small or little you want to achieve is the key. Regardless of how many people would join, whether they would join or no, I sent my invitation card to few of my genuine audience.

Broadcast Invitation card included :

1. Title

2. Launch date

3. What they'll receive

4. Email for feedback

Another important thing was to send the invitation link. That worked bang on. You need to create that buzz and blow your own trumpet about what you're doing. Taking 7 people on board & beginning wasn't bad though it created a second thought for a while. Perhaps there was no looking back and I had to do it. Now there are 100 people on the list. More to join hopefully. This is my journey to began with a new brain dump within 3 days of petrifying situation I was in. Hope the motivation would be enough for those who think that's the end and I can't.

I believe if you want to,

then only you can.

Stay focused and Stay channelized to my broadcast list.

You can join my list or stay connected with this website to read my Broadcast posts.

You'll receive

a. Positive quotes

b. Inspiring stories

c. Vocabulary

d. Phrases & Idioms

e. Short Articles


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