When to write? Writing is a subconscious process.

They say “ The pen is mightier than the sword ”. Its time to enforce it into practice.

A drop of ink may make a million think.  - Lord Byron

Writing as an activity, is to

- Write down notes.

- Pen down important things.

- Fill form, pass book and etc.

- Just scribble or doodle for kids.

Having said that it’s an activity that happens as a normal process or function of our body. Not that everyone likes it. Writing can be lethargic to many. In today’s techno-geek era, who does have a pen to carry with or rather takes effort to carry one in their pocket? Unless you have a hobby to vouch for or you’re a student.

Shift your focus to the old times, the writing was divine then. There were people who were respected for their handwriting. They held the prestigious tags during college and school time. An apple of drawing teacher's eye. :-) They were the one's looked out the most for any event which needed handwriting experts to showcase their talent on the front board. To cut the story short, there was some essence and truth behind these stories and something to dig in by the handwriting experts.

So let’s take our focus forward on the positive today and inculcate this habit in today’s life.

Writing can be a daily activity. You may write unknowingly without knowing its importance or helplessly just to fill a form, but making it a habit may solve some of your serious problems in life.

Write when…

1. Write when you’re angry instead of wasting your energy in speaking and yelling in rage onto others and later nurturing your guilt.

2. Write when you're happy. Yes! You heard me right. Though we have phones and Polaroid to capture the moment in pictorial format, feelings can convey sentiments. Feelings can be penned down along with the snap by pouring your heart out & carrying that lovely smile forever.

3. Write when you want to achieve something in life.

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4. An important one - Write when you forget or disremember.

How many of you at a young age complain of lack of memory retention? Then it's time to make your pen work.

It's newfangled to type notes in the phone but practicing with hands will allow you to recollect easily as it's a subconscious activity happening with your brain while you write using your hands.

Apply this key: Choose any 1 of above and make it a practice for better results.

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