Who are you? Time Management perspective.

Are you someone who needs more time to manage things?

Are you someone who thinks there is always less time?

Are you someone who finds difficult to manage time?

Then below article is for you. Let’s first identify who you are?

Time is money” you must have heard this in your growing years when you were naive. Since then you must have thought of doing a plethora of things would help you. But that's the trance. Multitasking is good at times, however, it may boomerang on several occasions. To learn time management you need to identify what category you fit in from below.

1. Time Waster: Who doesn't like to relax and chill out. But there's a limit to what and how much you waste time. Sleeping for extra hours on a regular basis as your work schedule might accord you to take that extra dose of sleep or may it be binge-watching TV series or movies on a long weekend. Once you are in the set back mode you start becoming a couch potato. Re-think on above and develop yourself to be in a better vision immediately.

2. Yes Sir or the "HANJI" person: Don't you find a person around you at work, college or parties who say "Jee ha mai sab kar lunga" or "Yes I will do it, no issues". Whether it is to get someone from the station last minute or bringing tea for someone, this fellow has world's time to satisfy everyone. Always ready for everything and never says "No”. They might miss their own deadlines but you’ll see them sorting things for others or solving someone else problems. He or She is the problem solver yet the self trapper of his/her own problems. You’ll never see these grow or develop themselves from a career perspective. And if you’re one of them along with emotional quotient for your friends and colleagues, then you really need to buck up & learn to say “No” as soon as possible for your own betterment.

3. The Busy Bee: Whether you work with dedication for hours or no, doesn't matter. What matters is the deadline and quality work with no ambiguity. This person seems to be busy always. Here there is no smart work at all only hard work in on the platter, the reason behind being so busy and occupied. Procrastination has reached a level that you pay bills only on due dates and remembers important things on deadline dates. Last minute work is your go-to formula. These people complete their work but with a heavy heart and stressful lifestyle.

4. The Prioritizer: This person must have learned from his/her ancestors or else must not have that much work as he/she might be an owner of a company, entrepreneur & so on. People often have misconceptions about them. How can they be perfect? What's the difference between them and others. The simple logic is the focus. Firstly they focus on health and manage time for a regular checkup. Because the biggest secret is "Health is wealth". Money can come and go with times but wealth stays with you forever. Planning is their another secret, then whether it is finishing before project deadlines, health check-up, paying bills or following simple to do list. Since they manage everything well, they get ample of time with their family and friends.

Are you this one? Then, well things are definitely running smoothly for you, unlike others.

But if you aren’t this one and want to learn how to be one?

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As we will be taking you through small steps to achieve your target and teach you “To manage time and be a better person”.

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